Soal Materi Causative

Causative verb digunakan untuk menyatakan kegiatan menyuruh atau membuat objek lain melakukan suatu kegiatan atau dikenai pekerjaan

1. “There are students who want to take the new course”
“… before Friday, please.”
A. To register
B. Registration
C. Having registered
D. Have them register
Kunci : D

2. “Where is your car?”
” I ….. ”
A. have repaired it
B. have it repaired
C. have been repaired it
D. get it repair
Kunci : B

3. “What it are the workmen doing in your garden?”
“Oh, I … .”
A. am having a gazebo built
B. am building a gazebo
C. have built a gazebo
D. have to built a gazebo
Kunci : A

4. “Even though he has seen a doctor. I can see that his condition is not improving.”
“…. a specialist then!”
A. Does he have
B. isn’t he seen
C. Have him see
D. He too has seen
Kunci : C

5. “How can you determine students’ ability in writing?”
“For a start, …. a five-hundred-word essay.”
A. the students are writing
B. have the students to write
C. the students have written
D. have the students write
Kunci : D